The Book of Doom

The second hilarious book in Barry’s AFTERWORLDS sequence – comic fantasy perfect for fans of Pratchett and Douglas Adams. There’s panic up in Heaven. They have mislaid the BOOK OF DOOM – the most important object in existence. Oopsy. They think Satan might have stolen it, the sneaky...
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Howdy stranger. It’s been a long time. Six months in fact – six long months since I wrote my last blog post. I’ve missed you all dearly (except you at the back with the dodgy haircut), and promise I won’t abandon you again – in much the same way I promised after abandoning you in 2012, 2011 and 2009. But let’s not dwell too much on any of that. Just because I haven’t been writing here doesn’t mean I ain’t …

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How long did it take you to come up with the list of less useful things? I was... more
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What’s ‘appening? (See what I did there). Hopefully by now most of you will have caught some of Bottom Knocker Street on ITV and CITV on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You can read more about it in this here previous blog post if you have no idea what I’m talking about, or you can go check out the series so far on the ITV Player. If all that televisual goodness isn’t enough, the show’s producers have only gone and put …

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Bottom Knocker Street

Last week I was officially given the go-ahead to talk about Bottom Knocker Street, the new kids’ comedy show I’ve been writing for ITV. It’s a live action show starring comedian Phill Jupitus and many other fine actors indeed, and it starts on Saturday 31st August at 8am on ITV and CITV. The show is about four kids – Lulu, Billy, Dinga and Bo who live on Bottom Knocker Street in the town of Lower Mintworth, and dream of turning  a …

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One of the lower mintworth kids. more
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Ah yes, I have a blog. I’d forgotten about that. It has been two months since my last update but, well, things have been a little bit hectic during that time to say the least. First up, let’s kick off with some big exciting news. You know how The 13th Horseman went and won last year’s Scottish Children’s Book Award for Older Readers? Well guess what – The Book of Doom has only gone and been shortlisted in the same …

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DIY Book Trailers Part 2


Way back in early March I blogged about how to make your own book trailers, using my Invisible Fiends: Mr Mumbles trailer as an example. I promised then that I’d do a follow-up post on how I put my Book of Doom trailer together, and this here be that very post in question. First up, let’s remind ourselves what the trailer’s like. OK, now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about how I put it all together. If you’ve …


Awards and Events

With some of the pupils from Dyce Academy

Last week was a pretty big week for me. The 13th Horseman had been shortlisted for the Grampian Children’s Book Award, and I in general had been shortlisted for the Lennox Author Award, and the winners of both were due to be announced. The first award ceremony was the for the GCBA, so on Wednesday I headed up to Aberdeen where I met up with Dave Cousins, Mark Lowery and the ever-lovely Cathy Macphail. The ceremony was great fun, with …


More Apps & Software For Writers


Yesterday I blogged about some software I find useful, and promised to come back with some more today. For perhaps the first time in history I’m actually following up with one of my blog promises, so here are two more of recommendations for apps/software writers may find handy. 3. Scrivener I came a bit late to the party on Scrivener, after hearing me old mucker Tommy Donbavand banging on about it time and time again. It’s a word processing programme, …


The 13th Horseman Reviews and Awards


It’s now well over a year since The 13th Horseman was published, so it’s great to see new reviews still regularly popping up online. Here are a few I’ve come across recently. I’m sharing them now because this is a big week for the book, as it’s up for the Grampian Children’s Book Award on Wednesday. Competition is stiff, so it’ll have its work cut out for it if it’s going to win, but win or lose the ceremony should …


A Tarzan Trailer Swings In

tarzan by andy briggs

One of my favourite action adventure series of recent years is Andy Briggs’ Tarzan reboot. It’s dark, gritty and modern, while still harking back to the classic adventure tales which first introduced us to the Lord of the Apes. Andy posted a trailer on Twitter earlier today, and I wanted to share it here. If you haven’t checked out the books yet, then I can really recommend them. Visit Andy’s site to find out more.


Useful Apps & Software for Writers

best software for writers

I mentioned on Twitter recently that I’m a big fan of the note-taking software, Evernote, and said I use it extensively when planning my books. I soon got a reply from top author fella, Chris Priestley, who had never looked into Evernote before. We chatted for a bit and then off he went to download it to try it out for himself. It got me thinking that maybe I use some other software that other writers aren’t aware or, or …


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