Last week I was officially given the go-ahead to talk about Bottom Knocker Street, the new kids’ comedy show I’ve been writing for ITV. It’s a live action show starring comedian Phill Jupitus and many other fine actors indeed, and it starts on Saturday 31st August at 8am on ITV and CITV.

The show is about four kids – Lulu, Billy, Dinga and Bo who live on Bottom Knocker Street in the town of Lower Mintworth, and dream of turning  a nearby patch of waste ground into a city farm.

Bottom Knocker Street

The villainous Councillor Cowdrey (played by Phill Jupitus) would sooner die than have lovely animals an’ that clogging the place up, and devotes himself to ensuring the city farm is never built, and to evil itself in general.

I was given complete free rein to come up with any storylines I wanted, and as I wrote 36 of the series’ 52 episodes, things quite quickly take a turn for the weird, with time travel, alien moustaches, runaway hippos, vigilante crime-fighters and dairy-powered ghosts all making an appearance. Not to mention a cake competition that will decide the fate of the entire world!

Bottom Knocker Street was an amazing series to be involved in, and although I’ve been down to see it being filmed (and make a cameo in the King of the Puppets episode) I haven’t yet seen a completed episode, so I’ll be tuning in at 8am on Saturday to watch.

Bottom Knocker Street

There are two episodes shown back to back on both Saturday and Sunday. I think the first episode on Saturday (Councillor Cowdairy) is one of mine, and both episodes on Sunday are mine (Magpie Thief and The Raffle), so set your alarm and make sure you tune in!

For more information on Bottom Knocker Street, check out the official website.

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Bottom Knocker Street

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