What’s ‘appening? (See what I did there).

Hopefully by now most of you will have caught some of Bottom Knocker Street on ITV and CITV on Saturday and Sunday mornings. You can read more about it in this here previous blog post if you have no idea what I’m talking about, or you can go check out the series so far on the ITV Player.

If all that televisual goodness isn’t enough, the show’s producers have only gone and put out a game to download for iOS and Android devices! It’s completely free, too, which I’m sure Councillor Cowdrey would be most displeased by, were he not a fictional character portrayed by comedian Phill Jupitus.

The game lets you choose one of the four BKS Kids – Lulu, Dinga, Billy or Bo – who then either jump on their bike or their skateboard and race through a variety of familiar and not so familiar locations, collecting coins, avoiding obstacles and gathering up items for the other residents of Bottom Knocker Street.

I’ve got it on my phone and am this close to having enough money to build the city farm (without pandas, otherwise the price shoots right up). Eat that, Cowdrey you Dimmock!

Download the game from the iTunes store (Apple devices) or the Google Play store (Android devices).

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